what I learned about a mogul diamond.

Mogul Diamond Ring.

I recently had a client who asked me to replicate a ring they saw on my instagram account @karenhazarian or https://www.instagram.com/karenhazarian/.  The ring was sterling silver, 14k gold fill and a rose cut white white topaz. I made the ring for a personal design challenge.  I added prongs to hold the stone, which was sitting in a double wire bezel on a cigar band. The client wanted a diamond to replace to replace the topaz so my search began. The only diamonds I had worked with to this point were rough cut, colored- mostly black and grey. I had used predominantly  and 2 mm-5 mm stones, mostly ordered online.

I was fortunate to find a local source who was helpful, and showed me a multitude of rose cut diamonds.  They took the time to explain some interesting points. It was here I learned the difference between the rose cut and mogul diamond.

We ended up using a very sparkly .75 carat white mogul diamond.  I won’t bore you with the details, but you can read about the history of the Mogul Diamond here- credit to Wikipedia:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Mogul_Diamond

But what did learn – which I think is enough information and trivia for a brief explanation- was enough to help with the decision.  A mogul diamond has 58 cuts, and is slightly egg shaped- which means if you take an egg and cut it in half long ways, its similar in shape. a nice mound at the top, and barely oval.  A typical rose cut diamond has up to 29 cuts, so = the mogul has double the cuts as a traditional rose cut.  It reflects more light and is more brilliant, reflecting more light than a rose cut.

The vintage rose cut diamonds have made a comeback, and have become increasingly popular for engagement and wedding rings since the early 2000’s. rose cut stones, in eluding diamonds of course,  offer opportunities for creative, artistic, and lovely subtle designs for these special occasion as well as everyday rings.


18k and sterling silver diamond ring
Silver and Gold Diamond Ring
3/4 carat mogul diamond ring
18k gold, sterling silver, 3/4 carat mogul cut diamond
Mogul diamond ring
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