My Trip to Waco, The Silos, and Magnolia Home

I love the South! And I love Texas- in each city I have visited, I have found the folks friendly, engaging, and wanting to know “Where Y’all from”- more about that later!

A couple of weeks ago, while in Waco, of course drawn there by Chip and Joanna Gaines’ “Silos” I explored more of Waco that I knew existed…

The experience started with dinner at Twisted Root Burger.. What a delicious burger, and fries. But the cool thing here – if you are a pickle lover like I am- They have a pickle “buffet” 6  huge jars, each a different flavor! How about “Atomic” or “Ranch”. and local beers with great labels and brightly colored graphics on the building!

We followed the advise of “Trip Advisor” and  “Yelp” reviews/suggestions,  as well as friends who had previously visited, and arrived at Magnolia Table – which is a couple of miles from The Silos- arriving early. We got right in with no wait- but by the time we left- there was a LINE.. a very long line- never mind it was a Wednesday morning, or 98 degrees and humid- then headed over to The Silos.









Magnolia Table Doughnut Holes Starter
California Girl in Texas! Avocado Toast and perfectly poached egg 

We parked across the street from the Dr. Pepper Museum (you can park all day free) and walked over.The property is literally a feast for the eyes! Flanked by two huge untouched silos, the Silos Bakery, Magnolia Home store and Magnolia Seed and Supply are painted crisp white, reminiscent of Grandma’s farmhouse, the lawns are green, with people taking photos and selfies, the grounds surrounded by food trucks (they open at 11 am) and people waiting in line at the bakery (opens at 7:30 am) and at Magnolia Home opening at 9 am.


I was very impressed with the mechanics and organization, not to mention the beautiful yet rustic -homey setting- lovely products- home decor, and jewelry.   I purchased some lightweight and small items and  luckily was able to fit my treasures snugly in my suitcase, leaving little room for shopping in Austin, our next stop. I enjoyed the sweet Magnolia Seed and Supply,  a delightful treat for green thumbs- or if you just love gardens.  We tried yummy cupcakes- “Nuts and Bolts” and Peach Pie”  deciding to go with an adventure away from CHOCOLATE. They are more the density of a muffin- with delicious buttery frosting- which is why I eat a cupcake anyway!

In general, in each location, from Magnolia market to Magnolia Seed and Supply, I was amazed at how as an item was pulled off of the shelf by a shopper, the replacement appeared immediately almost like magic- honestly, being a Californian, a very Disney like shopping experience!

We visited the Dr. Pepper Museum, which was a very sweet informative museum, with a soda/ice-cream fountain and cute gift shop, and a demonstration of soda making and flavor tastings- a fun experience specially for the younger visitors.

Now heres the Y’all part!

As we were leaving the Dr. Pepper Museum, a young man on a bicycle greeted us with “good morning  where y’all from?”

He gave us some ideas about “what to do in Waco” and since  we had the better part of a day left explored his suggestion-a  bakery cafe that has a chocolate chip cookie that in his words “will make you want to move to Waco for” a couple of miles away, heading toward Baylor University to the up and coming Elm. The restaurant/bakery owner is Nancy who is redeveloping  properties on and around Elm Street (Elm Street District) in Waco. We not only had a cookie, but the lunch (varies daily) a stuffed pepper and salad.  They have an adjacent garden where some of their produce and herbs are grown.  We enjoyed watching the unassuming owner frosting a cake, while talking to locals and having lunch. Honestly this was a highlight of our Waco experience.

The balance of the afternoon was spent exploring the many shops and a gallery in downtown Waco

We also stopped in Summer Ellis Bijouterie– a jewelry designer who designs pieces for Magnolia, a space she shares with a beautifully stocked scrapbooking /craft shop.

I look forward to revisiting Waco in a few many creatives who have the foresight to develop this Texas town- if it stays on the upward trejectory it can only become MORE of a destination city! But if heat is not your thing, you may want to go in the spring or fall!



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  1. Hey Karen!

    I see you were in my neck of the woods recently!! I just love Chip and Joanna Gains and have been wanting to go visit the Silos for a while now. Your blog is excellent and now I am going to plan a trip for October!! I hope you had fun in Austin too. Austin is home for me always.

    Anyway, I went to this site to try and leave a review for my open hearts ring that I love and adore, but i am not seeing a review link so thought i would write here. my ring is perfect in every way and honors my brother like nothing else could. to look down at his handwritten note to me is truly amazing….and well, i am wearing what i love!! So i thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

    Many hugs to y’all (lol)!!
    Rene S.

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